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Whimsical Images

Last Sunday, I had the opportunity to photograph Nathan Emmans, who tickles sweet sounds out of his guitar and sings under the pseudonym, “The Art of Whimsy”. If you haven’t seen one of Whimsy’s sets yet, it’s a bit of a treat. I’m a huge fan of small crowds and venues with character, which makes my taste in musicians by definition unsustainable. But in Whimsy there’s something more endearing than making money as a musician… there is a true passion for his art form, and you don’t have to strum your own guitar, or sing karaoke to feel the passion he puts into his music. He’s got so much passion for music that at each of his (sometimes 3 a week) shows, he invites a handful of friends and friendly bands to play a brief set. Hearing different musical styles makes the night eclectic, and always somehow makes me feel like I’ve gotten more out of the experience. And as I reflect all this appreciation back upon Whimsy, I am struck by how truly unselfish his concept of music is. As it should be. Check out his blog and his website. Here’s some stills and a couple of time-lapses I got last Sunday:


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